Safety Instructions


The Starlex Hot End is a replacement assembly that can be adapted on many existing 3D printers with similar extruding systems.

Instructions must be followed in order to have a safe functioning equipment.

All basic safety procedures delivered with the original 3D printer equipment must be respected.

In case of problem, stop the printing procedure with the control panel and let it cool down. In case of emergency, switch off the printer immediately.

For any intervention on the hot end during normal operation, the 3D printer must be switched off (main power) once at room temperature, (heat sink fan cooling) intervention on the Starlex hot end can start.

Caution. Strong burns can occur when manipulating, touching the heated elements way over 50°C while in production mode, standby mode, or while cooling down.

There should always be a double locking system when using the Starlex Hot End, the locking mechanism itself, (key lock) and a blocking device to ensure the locking mechanism can not rotate. The blocking device is usually located on the adapted fan shroud holder, a sliding down element.

Use only recommended elements for the Starlex Hot End such as the heat cartridge, diameter 6mm h7 tolerance and 20mm long +-0.2mm to avoid unwanted moving out parts. Same for the Thermistor cartridge, diameter 3 h7

The standard heater cartridges are between 12 and 24 volts, less than 2 amps, connected with safety to an intermediate connector, then to the printers main board. The wires must be in perfect condition and well shielded to avoid any electrical hazards. Electrical harm should not occur due to the safe to touch low voltage of the equipment. Always turn the printer's power off when manipulating any powered components.

Wearing high temperature resistant protective gloves while manipulating the Starlex Hot End when warm is highly recommended. Printer power should be turned off.

Enjoy with safety your Starlex New Generation Hot End.