All Swiss3Dc designed parts are made and produced in Switzerland, standard parts are imports.

The colours of the parts on the images in the shop and on the website are for differentiation purposes only.

  • Heat Blocks (HB)
  • Heat Break Tubes (HBT)
  • Heat Sink Connectors (HSC)
  • Sets

Heat Break Tube

Our Patent Pending innovative heat break tube is made of stainless steel or titanium with high precision machining and less than 0.15mm wall thickness to reduce drastically heat conduction. The world smallest and lightest heat break tube, less than 0.1g.

The heat break tube is simply abutting between the heat sink connector and the back of the nozzle.

 The first time you insert the heat break tube into the nozzle, It needs to be pushed with a little extra pressure to fit the correct position in the Starlex system, this can be done with the (to be printed by user) pre-locking mechanism and height control part. (or a calliper)

Applying too much pressure on the heat break tube can only change the tight position of the heat block, the sealing path will always perform with efficiency.
Make sure the heat break tubes inserted into the nozzle are all at the same height, measurement is done with a calliper between the top of the heat break tube, and the tip of the nozzle to keep the heat block in the same position. (HBT 7.5= ~21.00 +- 0.02mm, HBT 6.5= ~20.00 +- 0.02mm )

Usually, the heat break tube once mounted in the nozzle, should be left in place when changing heat block or nozzle as melted filament will stick to it. One heat break tube per nozzle size.

For a quick "nozzle change" the best and easiest solution is to have a heat block and cartridges for each nozzle, then you can swap them really fast, hot or cold.

It is always possible to remove the heat break tube by heating up the heat block, and pressing gently on the sides. It can then be inserted in a new nozzle.

We never added thermal compound during our tests and production prints, but for delicate filaments, it is possible to add a very thin layer of thermal compound on the top part only of the heat break tube to slightly improve thermal break. No thermal compound should go into the heat break tube hole.

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