All Swiss3Dc designed parts are made and produced in Switzerland, standard parts can be imports.

The colours of the parts on the images in the shop and on the website are for differentiation purposes only.

  • Dual Heat Block (DHB)
  • Heat Block
  • 22.5
  • 24
  • 33
  • Heat Set

Dual Heat Block

The Starlex DHB is the key of the whole Eco-system and makes it extremely flexible in many ways.

One heater or two heaters, one on each side to bring maximum heating power to the DHB nozzle.

The Heat blocks will lock the nozzle in place with a very precise groove to tighten the nozzle and bring maximum heating efficiency in a conductive way (not a radiation way) and a heating length, increasing the melting zone.

Both heating blocks can be removed and changed without any tool, as a simple replacement part.

The length and groove section to adapt a brass/copper nozzle or a thiner hardened nozzle can be replaced again without the use of a tool.

The Dual Heat Block

The key of the Starlex DHB Eco-system.

Unclip. Open. Remive.

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