Starlex Dual Hot End

Reliable, Light Weight, High Performances

Simple, Reliable, Lightweight, Tool Free

The Dual Hot End (DHB) by Swiss3Dc is a fully new approach on how to integer a Nozzle into a Hot End. Zero Screw, Tool Free, Reliable and Lightweight.

Remove your 3D printing nozzle in 3 simple steps, no tool required

Unclip, Open, Remove.

Available for many printers configurations

Available for many standard configurations as shown, and many more.

Your Heat Sink or Extruder output mount will determine which Heat Sink Connector (HSC) you will need to easily upgrade your printer.

A Bridge Between Evolution & Revolution

This Starlex DHB Eco-System is a new bridge between Evolution and Revolution in the 3D printing world...

On the image, a BambuLab clone Heat Sink modified to integrate the Starlex DHB 24, 24mm of melting zone.

6 seconds for a Nozzle swap...

Melting Zone

The DHB 22.5, DHB 24, DHB 33mm, numbers corresponding to each length of high efficiency Melting Zone into the Nozzles.

We can freely imagine other length to suit most requests.

The Ender3_V2 hotend on the left with a 13mm melting zone, well known printer for many of us as the first cheap printer, and the various Starlex DHB hotend length available at present.