All Swiss3Dc designed parts are made and produced in Switzerland, standard parts can be imports.

The colours of the parts on the images in the shop and on the website are for differentiation purposes only.

  • Brass DHB Nozzles
  • Copper DHB Nozzles
  • Hardened Stainless Steel DHB Nozzle (HSS)
  • E3D V6
  • Mk8

To suite most printer setups, when changing your original hotend to the Starlex DHB Eco-system, you will have the choice to select a modified heat sink and the short DHB 22.5mm nozzle to fit the same nozzle height, with normally no other changes.

Or, add the Starlex DHB Nozzle with various nozzle length onto the existing heat sink (this option will increase the hotend height of a few mm, and the need to redesign your fan shroud, and adapt Z height accordingly).

All our DHB nozzles are manufactured to the highest standards, this will ensure your printer to perform the best.

Not only the outside of the nozzle is perfectly machined, also the inside, close to a mirror polish finish for the filament to slide smoothly all the way to your printed part.

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